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With an existing customer base built from offering generators and related products, becoming a Watchdog dealer allows for installation and on-site service. Adding GENERATOR MONITORING to your present offerings is a natural complement that will help your business grow.

Why become an iGenerator WATCHDOG dealer?


  1. Monitoring informs you when the device internet connection fails.
  2. Opportunity to better service your clients with PREVENTATIVE actions.
  3. Ample mark-up on product, for additional revenue.
  5. One year of free monitoring for the end user.
  6. If you decide to bundle our monitoring fees with your maintenace fees, you can do so, and enjoy our quantity discounts.

BECOME LISTED AS A DEALER / INSTALLER ON OUR SITE. It is a free service that may increase your visibility.


Ready to Become a Dealer?

Fill out our application and we will follow-up with you (24 hours) to help establish this new line of revenue for your business.

Our Watchdog purchasing process will direct customers to your service/installation listing. If an online customer places their order and selects your business for installation, you will be notified of the order and the customer contact information to allow for convenient scheduling.